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Would bisexual guy take a serious relationship with transgender girl?

Well, the answer to the title question is why not. There are more than a few bisexual guys who enjoy a meaningful relationship with transgender girls or bisexual females.  In truth it boils down to what is the most important thing for you in a person: the person herself or her genitals.

A transgender is a girl. Period.

To start with, let’s get the records straight. Let the definitions of transgender girl say whatever they want to say, the truth of the matter is a transgender girl is a girl. She is every bit of a girl as a straight, lesbian or bisexual girl, irrespective of her genitals.

She is a girl because that’s exactly how she feels. And that’s all that is important, or at least should be important.

You hang out with a person, not her genitals

Bisexual guys enjoy a girl’s company because that person’s has certain qualities that they like. She may be witty, sensuous, caring, intelligent, or adventurous. These are the qualities that bring people close, not their genitals.

Ask yourself a question: when you are out on bi dating sites with a girl, how many times do you think about her genitals. If she can make you laugh and listens to your thoughts, how does it matter if she has “acquired female genitals” or has male genitals?

Assuming that she has male genitals, can’t you accept that genitals are a small part of the body and a person’s body is just a small part of his or her overall being, especially if you are seriously enjoying her company?

And in case your female partner has had a genital transition and sex with her great, how does it matter if earlier she had same set of genitals as you? All that matters is that right now you are having a great time with her in bed and out of it as well.

Handle the unique challenges of this relationship with patience and care

Each relationship is unique, but a relationship with a transgender girl can be more unique, if that’s a correct phrase. You or your partner may come across situations where you feel like “well, how do I handle this?”.

These are the times you must believe in your relationship more strongly than ever. These moments are the waves you two must cross before your relationship becomes rock solid. Rope in the help of your friends who are or had been in similar waters or turn to online forums (there are some good ones out there that offer genuine advice) or seek a professional’s help.

How to meet transgender girls?

This section is likely to be most useful for bisexual guys who want to move away from dating bisexual women on bisexual dating sites and start going out with transgender girls.

Well, local lesbian and gay bars are a great place to start with. You can also ask your friends to set up a date with a transgender girl, if they happen to know one who is single and ready to mingle.

Online bisexual dating site niche are also a worthy option. They provide you with a great opportunity to meet bisexual women or transgender women online.

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