Why Men Don’t Wear Wedding Rings – Prince William’s Royal Mistake

Today we are excited because we have a guest post from Alex Wise a featured publisher of dating site. He is a  recognized expert on love, marriage and relationships and he is amazing. He has shared with us why men don’t wear wedding rings.  If your man refuses to wear a wedding ring, don’t jump to the conclusion that he’s less committed to you than he should be and just waiting for his chance to run off with someone else. We hope you learn more and enjoy the reading as we did.

Are you questioning why men don’t wear wedding rings?

Well, that’s not entirely true, many men still do wear wedding bands and are proud to publicly proclaim their love for their wives in doing so.

But there is an alarming trend and the numbers of new husbands willing to wear the matrimonial ring are in steady decline. What is this wedding ring phobia business all about as it pertains to your man putting a band of gold on his left ring finger.

Imagine that a finger name for and designated just for ring wearing! So what’s up with the undressed ring finger on your husband’s hand?

Prince Willian & Kate Are Truly In Love

The ‘Reasons’ that guys give as to why men don’t wear wedding rings anymore are many and varied:

  • Guys Do Not Like To Wear Rings Or Jewelry
  • Men Don’t Like How The Wedding Ring ‘Feels’ On Their Finger
  • A Wedding Band Is A Work Hazard
    – Construction Workers
    – Some Medical Professionals
    – Professional Athletes
    – Maintenance Workers
    – Auto Mechanics
    – Basically Any Guy With A Manly Job
    – Etc, etc, etc

Well, don’t know if I buy the idea of a man that doesn’t like jewelry or the ‘feeling’ of a ring on his finger as valid ‘reasons’ as to why guys don’t wear wedding rings.

And for this type of guy, this may be the closest you ever get to talking about ‘feelings.’

What does this have to do with Prince William and his bride to be Kate Middleton?

It was breaking news recently.

Yes, it has been officially confirmed that, Prince William of Wales said that he, the future King of England, is not going to wear a wedding ring on his finger. Some have questioned his commitment to his new bride because of this.

The royal wedding officiated at Westminster Abbey on 29, April 2011, involving Prince William of The House Windsor and his beloved Kate Middleton will have only one ring used to conclude the ceremony.

Not To Wear A Wedding Ring, Is Prince William’s First Royal Blunder

Princess Diana’s Ring Given To Kate

What is your reaction to Prince William’s decision not to wear a wedding ring? In some of the articles written about him they say it is his personal choice and he does not like jewelry.

I guess some folks think after all he is a Prince so he is probably not obliged to do anything he doesn’t want to do, like wearing a wedding ring. And it is reported that Kate says she is fine with his decision. I wonder if that is really true or does she think it is not a good idea to make waves and take issue so soon before the wedding?

And the world knows he is taken ring or no ring, right? So, is one of the main reasons people even wear wedding ring’s is to signal that they’re taken? Is it a big deal if your future husband says ‘no thank you’ to wearing a wedding ring?

Dating after divorce for women it is quite likely that it will be a second marriage for you and him. So he may think I don’t need to wear a wedding ring the 2nd time around. Been there done that on the 1st time around, and that relationship still failed.

I’m curious, as woman where do you come down on the debate as to why men don’t wear wedding rings?

And more importantly, do you want your man to wear one?

Princess Diana & Prince Charles (He Didn’t Wear A Ring)

Is this a wedding day deal breaker for you?

P.S. My advice to Prince William (like he really wants my opinion) is to wear your wedding ring. Think for a minute, what advice your mother, the late Princess Diana would give you? I think that Princess Diana would say to honor your love for Kate and to demonstrate it in the most visible way possible.


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