Things to Know About Divorce in Oklahoma

Breaking relationships where you have been emotionally connected or living together for a while can be very traumatic. In circumstances where you have to break away from a marriage, it might not only be emotionally demanding but also a mentally taxing and financially draining process. In most cases divorces are contested in the court of law because of the intricate complexities that are involved such as involvement of minors, child support and wealth distribution.

This means that an overall process of divorce can incur your huge legal costs which are other than the costs that you might be liable to pay such as alimony or child support. In USA, every state has its own divorce law and so does Oklahoma. If you are in an unfortunate situation in Oklahoma where you are seeking divorce from your partner, here are 10 things you will need to know.

Eligibility of Filing Divorce in Oklahoma

In order to be able to file a divorce within the state of Oklahoma, it is important that you have resided in Oklahoma for a minimum period of six months before filing the divorce. That being said, if you are in a situation where you are seeking divorce on an urgent basis but have been in Oklahoma for less than six months then you are eligible to file for legal separation and ancillary cases such as property distribution, maintenance and child support. This will let you have a legally separated marital status; however, it will only be upgraded to divorce after you have completed your six months of residence in Oklahoma.

Eligibility of Remarrying

As per the law in Oklahoma, a person cannot marry again until after six months of divorce being finalized. This means that if you are on a legally separated status, you can still not remarry. The calendar time for the eligibility to remarry will start from the day your divorce is finalized. Remember that marrying before the allowed time period after the divorce amounts to adultery in Oklahoma.

Filing Online Divorce

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma online is very much possible and will also save you a lot of costs in terms of legal fee and other charges. Online divorce application will let you eliminate the lawyer and present your own application to the judge. However, it is advised that you only use this facility if your divorce is uncontested. This is because you might not have the legal competency to handle the complexities involved in contested divorces and you might end up losing on many of your rights which may include child custody because of not being able to contest your case effectively.

Child Custody and Child Support

In General matters regarding child custody are decided by the judge in light of the best interest of the child. There is no fixed rule whether the child will be handed over to the mother or a father. However after the age of 12, the child is given the choice to decide who he wants to live with. In either case, the non-custodial parent will be required to pay the child support.

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