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Prepare to leave from comfort zone in dating world

You are a single women entering into dating zone but keep hitting with wrong men? It’s not because all the Mr. Right are taken. And it’s not because men at your age prefer younger women or any of the other excuses you say to yourself. How do you want to prepare your dating journey with full speed?

One of the problems for women returning into dating world is they are stuck in their comfort zone.

Is that you?

Let’s find out.

Do you hate the dating part of your life because you never know how to make it work?

You’re unsure of the ‘what to do’ and the ‘what not to do’ on first dates. He pays, you pay or you split the tab?

He says he’ll call after a first date but doesn’t and your self esteem plummets. You wonder if you should text or email him and thank him for the date?

These are just a few examples of what it feels like to be outside of your comfort zone.

Do you feel like the only way to meet men is by using online dating sites?

If this is true for you, than you’re stuck in playing it safe…want to know why?

As long as you’re sitting behind your computer it’s safe to look at profiles and even send a few emails out.

No one really knows who you are at this point so no reason to feel uncomfortable. If a man emails you it is still safe. You can check him out before even engaging with him.

But here is where the problem comes into play.

Playing it safe which is the same as stuck in your comfort zone is not the way to meet quality men.

If you really want to meet relationship minded men you need to get off your computer chair and get out in the big scary world. It’s not really scary… but that’s how it feels to you when you’re sitting safe and sound in your favourite chair in your home.

Here are some ideas.

Volunteer for a cause you have an interest in. Help with fund raising and guaranteed you will meet available men that you will never find online.

Men who are out in the world doing good things are quality men.

Start taking your dog to different dog parks. That’s where you’ll meet men that are animal lovers and some if these men will be available and relationship minded.

It’s easy to strike up a conversation at the dog park.

Next time you need to go to the supermarket go around the dinner hour or just slightly later.

Notice the men that have food in their baskets that resemble how a single guy would shop.

He probably has a couple frozen pizzas and other types of frozen or prepared food.

Probably has a 6 pack of beer to go with pizza. Maybe a dip and some chips are also included with the rest of the stuff in his basket. You get the idea…right?

Okay now all you do is ask him where he found a certain item in his basket.

You could also make reference to the fact that you are always looking for new ideas since you don’t like to cook just for yourself.

Or something like that where you can create the environment for an interaction.

If you’re willing to get outside of your comfort zone a whole new world of meeting men will open for you.

As you get active in your own life doing the things you have an interest and engaging in conversations with men you will be amazed with the results.

And here is the best part.

Soon your comfort zone will expand to where getting outside of your comfort zone will be something you look forward to and will start challenging yourself more and more.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

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