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Important Questions to Be Asked During First Date

Just like any other things in this world, there are important questions to ask a girl especially during the first date. Granted that getting into a date is a way of getting to know the other party up close and personal, but these questions should be prioritized first for this will help you determine if that particular girl is within your league. Below are the questions you need to ask.


You need to know the girl’s age first and foremost. This way, you can have a rough idea of her interests and her possible hobbies. Knowing how old she is would enable you to determine if her interest are similar that of yours or not. Plus, it will help you initiate ways on how to get to know her far better.

Religious Affiliation

Knowing the girl’s religion is indeed very crucial. Some people are quite sensitive when it comes to their religion and would actually sacrifice a lot of things just for the God they worship. With this, knowing the church preference of the girl will not only enable you to know your faith compatibility but also know if there is a possibility of religious conflict occurrence in the future.

Her Type of Guy

Some guys find it quite awkward to ask a particular girl’s type of guy. However, this is should be asked in the very first place so that you would know if you have a chance or not. Knowing the girl’s ideal guy would also help you assess what kind of lady the other party is. It is true that this question is quite too forward to some, but the answer would be your guide if she’s the right one for you or not.

Dating is just the initial and first stage in every boy-girl relationship. Things should be clear at this stage so that regrets and waste of time would not occur in the future.

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