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How to Become an Escort

If you’re one of the millions of women around the world looking to earn some extra cash, becoming an escort is one great way to do just that. It’s not always an easy job. As with many jobs, it has both benefits and drawbacks, but there is steady work available, and it’s waiting for you if you follow the steps to becoming an escort.

Step 1: Learn More About the Work

Being an escort isn’t what many people think it is. There are sacrifices involved, and you have to truly be a people person to make this job work. So much of what you do is caring about other people and showing an interest in their daily lives.

The best way to decide whether being an escort is right for you, is to learn more about the profession. Many escorts have authored e-books, which are available online, to help you learn more about escort work.

There are also several one-on-one interviews with very successful escorts and general articles from reputable news sources like Business Insider and Huffington Post that will help you explore the business safely.

If you think being an escort might be right for you but you still have some questions, one of the best things you can do is contact an escort you know, as you may get the answers you need to any questions that are still on your mind.

Step 2: Decide Whether to Work with an agency or Independently

Once you decide you want to be an escort, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to work with an escort agency or be an independent. There are pros and cons to both. One of the first questions many ask is where you make the most money, and even that is dependent upon a number of things.

While you get the entire fee if you decide to work for yourself, there’s quite a bit of overhead involved.

Working for an escort agency may mean slightly lower fees, but you never have to worry about screening the clients, dealing with the advertising, or any other aspect of running a business.

Those business decisions aren’t for everyone, so make sure you have a solid business sense if you plan to be an independent.

Step 3: Get Started

After you’ve decided whether you want to work for an agency or be an independent, the only remaining step to take is to actually become an escort.

If you’ve decided to work for an escort agency, contact them and request more information about the application process. Be prepared to submit headshots and go through a comprehensive interview process.

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to become an independent, you may need to build a website and decide on the best places to advertise your services to help find clients.

Becoming an escort is a huge step forward for many women. If you’ve decided it’s right for you, it’s time to begin your new career now.

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