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Healthy and safe online date tips to use all the time

The era of online dating has happened and continues to gather momentum. In 2011, it has been found by a study that almost 25 million people have signed in to dating sites to search for true love.

The tragic and terrifying stories about murders, scams, frauds, and stalking may have put a damper on online dating. Yet, it should not be. The lessons learned from the experiences of other online dating users encourage all of us to stay vigilant and safe on all online dates. Here are ideas that can make the online date experience a safe and healthy one all the time:

Practice control over information

Practice control over information means never divulging your contact numbers, address, and your workplace. This should be a practice to do on all your social media sites as well. Cyber secure is better than being king or queen of the web.

Stay away from online dates that ask for money or a favor

Scammers will most likely ask for money or a favor as soon as you get talking. While these are red flags, people still get duped because of the early romance stage. This stage is the most dangerous one because it is at this point that people want to please and accommodate their new online date.

Watch out for spelling and grammar errors

It has been noted by top dating sites that scammers usually show a lot of spelling and grammar errors. Online dates that excessively use words such as “fate” and “destiny” should also be avoided.

Trust your gut feeling

If you feel that something’s off with your online date, chances are there’s probable cause. It can be the language or the vibe. Whatever it is you’re feeling uncomfortable with, trust your instinct and back off as fast as you can. Use the “report abuse” feature of the dating site to report any harassment. Better yet, block the online date from your account.

Hire a private investigator

While this may seem like a far-fetched idea, it actually makes perfect sense. You might be feeling that your online date is someone that you’ve been waiting for all your life. Yet, you want to make sure. What better way to find out everything about him or her than to let a private investigator check out his or her background.

Who to hire?

Searching through the internet for a private investigator will present a deluge of companies, all claiming to be the best. While some are really good, some might scam you as well. Our top choice goes to AntiArnaques. When it comes to experience, skill, and reliable services, this organization tops the list. Find out about what they can do to help you by visiting their official website.


“Better safe than sorry” may be a common expression but applicable to online dating. Online dating should be a wonderful and exciting experience for everyone. Make it great all the time by practicing healthy and safe online dating habits all the time and every time.


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