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Gain the upper hand in your search for “the one”

The first and most important thing in the search for a date is knowing what you’re looking for and what you expect from them. If you’ve already been through one divorce you probably don’t want to go through another one, and you might be looking for a long-lasting relationship. Even if you don’t want to find something permanent, even the shortest relationship you might have with someone should be a pleasant and meaningful experience. The trick is in discovering the right way to find a great date.

As a new addition in the world of social networking, and a bit of an unconventional tool for finding new people, SceneNavi app is designed to help users discover new places and connect with others. This unique app allows users to find places in their surroundings that they might be interested in and find out more about these places from other users’ reviews and by watching live videos streamed by those users. Anyone can simply find the place they’d like to go to and learn more about it from anyone who’s been there before.

An even more useful feature when it comes to meeting people is the ability to find people who you have something in common with and connect with them. If you want to go to a bar for a drink and you’d like to have a date who could keep you company, you can search for users who are also looking for some company and choose anyone you find interesting. Users, like places, have their profiles, and they can all get reviews and rating from other users who have spent some time with them before. This way, when another user catches your eye, you’ll be able to examine their reviews and you’ll know right away if that person is the right for you, if they’re fun, comfortable or boring to be with and anything else you may need to know.
SceneNavi is the perfect platform for like-minded individuals to meet and get a chance to develop a new friendship, and even something more! Numerous users socialize via SceneNavi every day, and there are a number of different people, all of them looking for a number of different things. They can all find them by using the app, whether it is some company for a drink, movie or dinner, a date for some fun or a serious relationship, even love and marriage.

For those who just want to browse a little without revealing too much about themselves, there is an option to stay anonymous and still use the app and all its features. Users who don’t want to will not have to register at all and the app won’t force it on them.
SceneNavi’s innovative and useful features are created so that anyone can use them to find perfect places and people for themselves. Use the app to find those people who perfectly match your needs. You know best what you’re looking for in a date.

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