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Fun and Alternative Flower Girl Ideas

Flower girls have a lot of responsibility when it comes to your wedding day, sometimes the traditional flower girl opportunities are boring, and you want to change it up to be more fun and alternative. We totally understand that you want to have exciting ideas for your little flower girls to enjoy when it’s your big day. We’ve thought of some great ideas you may want to try, they’ve been successful in the past, and they will continue to be too! Try out some of these ideas to have the best flower girls around. Everyone is sure to be talking about them for weeks or even months after your wedding day. However, you don’t have to implement every tip and idea we have suggested there for you to choose and enjoy accordingly.

Trade a Flower Bouquet for a Confetti Wand

While we think flower, bouquets are cute and look beautiful for a little flower girl to hold, they’re more of a vintage themed wedding idea. The modern aspects of a flower girl find her holding a confetti wand and sprinkling her magic dust down the aisle before the bride makes her way down there too. It’s a fun twist on a traditional element to your wedding and is sure to turn heads when they’re making their way to the front of the altar.

Choose a Beautiful Flower Crown

Are you unsure of what to put in your little flower girl’s hair? Perhaps you want to opt for a crystal crown? Why not try a flower crown? If you’re having a summer wedding, then they’re a perfect alternative to the classic silver or gold crowns, so many couples choose for their little girls. Match the color of the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses, and it will look stunning in your professional photography pictures.

Opt for Colorful Flower Girl Dresses

Typically, couples will choose traditional ivory flower girl dresses, but that doesn’t mean to say you have to as well. There are hundreds of different colors to choose for flower girl dresses. From pastel shades to bright yellows and pinks. There is no limit to how creative you can be with their dress color – it’s all down to your choice!

Try Dainty Accessories

Smaller and more dainty accessories look beautiful on children so when it comes to choosing their jewelry pieces you may want to opt for something a little lighter than what you would choose for yourself. If you put heavy accessories on them, then it won’t look as beautiful as smaller ones would.

Give them a Key to the Heart

The perfect option for anyone who loves romance, let your little flower girl walk down the aisle and give a key to the groomsman when they approach the end. This key to the heart signifies the heart opening up to another person forever and that the bride and groom are giving their heart and the key to it, to the other person. It is a beautiful ceremony and the perfect way to get the little ones involved. It’s especially wonderful if your little girl is a flower girl too!

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