Filing Divorce Papers – What To Consider?

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Marriages are made in heaven, they say. But at the other end of the marriage, when things turn bitter and sour and escalate to divorce, then one definitely feels like being in hell. Nobody wishes to end a marriage in a divorce, but when things take a turn for the worse, it is best to end the marriage, rather than enduring pain and suffering. A divorce can be tough on both the parties. However, the first step while deciding to put in the papers in a marriage is to consider the decision thoroughly and seek counselling. The counselling might help sort out any misunderstandings and save the marriage. Or, at best it can help understanding oneself better, thus getting to know what went wrong in the marriage and can be avoided in the future. When counselling has not bridged the gap between the couple, the next step is to file for divorce.

divorce lawyers

Points To Keep In Mind While Filing For Divorce

A few points however need to be considered while filing for divorce:

Take legal help

The first and foremost is to look for and appoint knowledgeable attorneys or lawyers from a reliable divorce lawyers Sydney Parramatta firm. The lawyers must be experienced in family law to help ease the whole divorce proceedings. The lawyer must possess a friendly disposition thus making it easy for one to talk to and confide, as well as feel comfortable with the lawyer. A lawyer’s expertise is needed to handle various sensitive topics during the hearing.

Keep in mind child custody and division of wealth

Decisions on issues, such as custody of children, if any, and assessment and division of wealth need to be made. Care must be taken to not make children scapegoats during the proceeding. Also, children must not see their parents embroiled in any ugly lawsuit; instead a decision must be reached soon and without display of emotions. The present house, any debts or assets must also be allocated accordingly. This decision depends on whether both the spouses are working or one is financially dependent on the other, whether the finances for upkeep and for the children will be divided or taken care of by one party.

Must have knowledge on financial matters

Additionally, if the spouse, especially if the person is a stay-at-home mother, must be well versed with financial knowledge, taxes, insurance, mortgages, expenditures and liabilities. And the spouse must be familiar with all the bills and paperwork too because post a divorce one will have to learn to survive and manage things by oneself and it doesn’t hurt to have knowledge beforehand. Lawyers can help with this too.

What’s more?

It is advisable to maintain a personal diary of happenings, detailed accounts of incidences along with proof. This is especially helpful in cases where domestic violence or abuse is involved or where other malicious accusations are made. Also, one must be on their best behaviour, because at times spouses can purposefully instigate the other and hold that as evidence against them in court. Thus, before and after filing divorce papers one needs to be careful, attentive and consider all possibilities as well as consequences.

A divorce must be considered after wisely considering all situations and timings. Since divorces can turn ugly, all the support from family, friends as well as lawyers would be comforting and help sail through the rough waters.

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