Arise Lady Martino: Reports say Matthew C Martino is dating

Arise Lady Martino where ever you are and take the reigns of a philanthropy portfolio that has already supported over 300 young people around the world, and the Mr. isn’t too bad either!

In case you are unaware Britain’s Youngest Philanthropist Matthew C. Martino is reportedly dating amid claims he cancelled his traditional Valentine ’s Day interview to concentrate on his romance. The 23year who uses his annual Valentine’s Day interview to moan, cry and generally tell some of the most cringe worthy sob stories known to man could be dating (who knew he was capable of it!).

Reports have vastly stated that any date or relationship the young star has would result in his international charity MMBF Trust being renamed to be ‘Lady Martino Benevolent Fund’ in honour of the new lady who could also become a key player into channelling the film executive’s charitable giving.

Martino who has reportedly been single has never been publicly linked with anyone nor has he even been rumoured to be seeing anyone could continue to put his personal privacy at the top of his list of important things to do. Posts on social media seem to suggest that the Lets Fly author often enjoys the company of dates during his stays at Coombe Abbey and during his Scottish jaunts.

Turning to giving during this year’sValentine ’s Day the launch of his signature innovators fund is being seen as a way of Martino showing his love for the arts.

This MMBF Trust -funded opportunity provides 10 groups or individuals with £250 to help kick-start their creative projects. In the past MMBF Trust has funded everything from dance and film projects to music videos and photography collectives.

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