All In The Family: Gifts The Entire Family Can Enjoy

In the rush to find the perfect gift for everyone else on your holiday gift list, you may overlook your family. Along with gifts for individual family members, consider a gift that the entire family can enjoy together. And remember, many of the best gifts for your family don’t come in a box wrapped with colorful ribbons and shiny paper.

Museum and Zoo Memberships
Nearly every city or town has a museum or zoo nearby. A family membership allows your family to attend special programs as a group, but also allows individual members of your family to visit the museum or zoo solo. If the closest museum is out of town, inquire about remote memberships, which are often less expensive than those for members in town. Include plans for at least one family vacation to visit the museum along with the museum membership itself.
Ticket to Family-Friendly Events
If you’re lucky enough to have the circus come to your town, tickets for the entire family make an ideal gift. Even if the circus doesn’t make its way to where you live, there are almost certainly other family friendly shows in town. Professional sports franchises, college athletics and even high school teams provide excitement and the chance for your family to let off steam as they cheer for the locals.
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For a truly memorable family gift, purchase tickets to a big time show in a major metropolitan area. A trip to New York City to see a Broadway show can be the centerpiece of your family’s major annual vacation. However, other major metropolitan areas such as Chicago also have lively theater scenes, and tickets may be less expensive and easier to obtain than those for shows on the Great White Way.
Theme Parks
Disneyland, Disney World and Great America represent some of the best known theme parks. Each of these parks features rides and entertainment to keep the whole family occupied. If you live nearby, a jaunt to a theme park can be a day trip for your family. If the nearest theme park is far away, put together a vacation package of hotel, transportation and tickets. In many cases, the theme park has bargains available that can represent significant savings.
Family Movie Night Package
Family movie night can provide fun and a sense of camaraderie for your entire family. Putting the entire package together doesn’t have to cost much money at all – and the process can be a lot of fun. The centerpiece of the family movie night package is a DVD or streaming Internet movie subscription. Include family friendly titles from each family member’s favorite genre: romantic comedies, action films and drama. Add a spread of your family’s favorite snacks, block out one or more dates on the calendar when everyone in the family is available, and enjoy!
Family Reunion
If Aunt Mary or Uncle Jim are only framed pictures to your kids, a family reunion can bring them and other relatives to life. Pick a location that is convenient to as many members of your family as possible. Block out a date that occurs over a long weekend to allow family members who need to travel a bit of extra time. Many hotels will provide discounted group rates if you reserve a block of rooms together.

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