7 ways to spice up your love life

Everything is easier when your relationship is just beginning. Everything is still new and exciting and partners can enjoy discovering and learning about each other. But, when you’re together for a while things can fall in a rut. That’s not a deal breaker, relationships take work.

Here’s a list of tips on how to get your juices flowing if your love life has become a bit repetitive and unexciting.

#1 Romance

Yes, it really is that simple and that’s why people forget it so quickly. If you want to get that spark going again, recreate the romance from your first couple of dates. This doesn’t mean just dinner, wine and chocolate (although there should definitely be room for all three) – more importantly, talk to each other like it’s your first date. There’s nothing sexier than sharing intimate moments with your partner.

#2 Foreplay

The easiest way to improve your sex life is to add 15 minutes of foreplay to it. This is can be a problem because men and women don’t put the same emphasis on it, but there’s a way to solve it: ask for it. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about your needs. Take your time and pay attention to your partner’s reaction and it’s guaranteed to pay off.

#3 Toys

Sex toys are made to improve your sex life, so use them. If this kind thing makes you uncomfortable or shy make a game out of it. Take a trip to the adult store together, have a look around and you’ll be able to find something for both of your needs. Just remember toys should be an addition to your bedroom not the replacement for your partner.

#4 Don’t plan for it

Stress of everyday life can be overbearing, especially when kids are in the picture. Couples tend to create routines and plan their time together. It’s all fine and responsible – just remember not to overdo it. Impromptu and unpredictable sex will spice things up immensely. Be it when you wake up at 3 AM or when you’re both on a lunch break – there’s nothing like an unexpected quickie.

# 5 Role play

 Everyone has fantasies. Don’t worry, as dirty as they are, they’re usually pretty common. Talk them out with your partner and then bring them to life. These kind of games decrease your inhibitions, they’re a good way to stay honest about your desires and they can be a lot of fun.

 #6 Abstinence

This may sound weird but not having sex can be pretty sexy, especially if you’re in a long term relationships and sex has become a bit mundane. Deprive yourself of pleasure every now and then and you’ll find yourself wanting it more. Of course you can add different kind of games to this-tease each other, wear sexy outfits, talk dirty – just don’t go all the way, at least not for a while.

#7Get out of the bedroom

Changing the scenery can make all the difference. You don’t have to do anything risky at first – you can start in the shower or in the kitchen. After you’ve tried every room, dare to try the balcony. After that sky is the limit – every public place (in which you think you wouldn’t get caught – unless you want to get caught off course) is a new adventure.

Relationships change over the years and so does your sex life. But with a little bit of imagination and openness you can find the ways to ignite old flame. And you don’t have to stop at that – experimenting is much easier and much more rewarding if you know and trust your partner.

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