3 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Exciting and Fresh

3 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Exciting and Fresh

If you’ve been in a serious relationship for a long time, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve lost the magic. People often talk about the supposed “seven-year itch” wherein couples feel a need to shake things up in their relationship but aren’t quite sure how to do so. If you’re in a period of restlessness or boredom in your relationship, it’s easy to think that the right answer is to end your partnership. However, there are ways to keep your relationship feeling just as fresh and exciting as your initial honeymoon phase. Here are three different ways to shake things up with your partner.

Travel together

One way to spice up your long-term relationship is to travel somewhere exotic together. Not only is going somewhere new fun and exciting, but it’s also a great way to create new memories that can be shared for years to come. If you choose to take a trip together, just be sure that it’s to a destination that the two of you would be interested in visiting. 

If your partner wants to experience white water rafting but you’re more of an indoors person, you may want to compromise and find a location where you can have both indoor and outdoor experiences. This is important to remember, because your relationship will not be healed if you spend your time on a trip fighting.

Introduce toys in the bedroom

Many people who think about spicing up a relationship oftentimes consider switching things up in the bedroom. Couples who engage in sex at least once a week are statistically happier couples in the long run. However, it can be hard to keep up with that weekly number if you are both feeling uninspired when it comes time to be intimate. 

That is why many couples turn to experimental toys to enhance their sex lives. Vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, and even sex dolls can be valuable tools when used with consent and communication. Sex dolls can be found at online retailers like California Dolls, which specializes in making dolls that are lifelike and functional for sex acts. These dolls can be a great way to simulate a potential group sex or threesome situation without the issues of trust or jealousy that can often arise in these scenarios.

While it is easy to be jealous of a real human who can develop feelings for one person in the threesome, a sex doll does not carry that kind of risk. And, for those in relationships who also have doll fetishes, the dolls can be a great tool for partners to attend to their desires. As with all sexual experimentation, it is important that if you and your partner want to introduce a sex doll, you do so with consistent communication about how you each feel about the addition. 

Small and positive daily gestures
Making little social or physical gestures toward your partner can carry great weight. For instance, sending them a midday text to ask how they are doing or to tell them you are thinking about them can put a smile on their face and make them more excited to see you. You can also consider incorporating more positive or intimate touches around the house or in public. Holding their hand as you walk down the sidewalk or placing a reassuring hand on their side can release Oxycontin and make them feel loved and supported

It’s important to keep in mind that at one point or another, almost all relationships tend to fall into a pattern of routine. This is not a reflection of the strength of your love nor of your commitment to one another. Instead of thinking that it may be time to move, take active steps in livening up your relationship. By taking a new out-of-the box approach, you can find that passion has found its way back and that your love is stronger than ever before. 

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