3 Tips for New Divorcees Trying to Bounce Back

Bouncing right back after a divorce is never easy, and for many, this is one of the biggest challenges in their lives. Things are even worse when you’ve been together for many years and both your lives seem to be fused together. Getting back on your feet might seem like an insurmountable feat at times but it is a challenge you’ll have to face regardless. Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to get back on the road to recovery and a normal dating life.

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Get in Touch with Your Home Base

Try to reconnect with your family and some of the closest friends you may have lost contact with. They are your rock, your foundation, and they will be there for you through thick and thin. And they’re the only ones apart from you and your family that may actually be invested in your marriage and happiness. They will be the only ones who allow you to bounce back from your loss before you can function again and think about finding a new partner.

Try to See Your Setbacks as an Opportunity to Learn

It’s time to take a cold hard look at what happened and why. A divorce or separation is a great way to gain introspection and see what both sides did wrong and whether there is room for improvement.

Hurt, rejection, and disappointment can teach many life lessons, and allow you to learn more about yourself, your expectations, insecurities,and shortcomings. It’s also a great way to gain more clarity on what you actually want from a relationship from now on.

While it may seem difficult at first, try to find at least one positive you can gain from the situation. Try to see this as an opportunity to grow and learn from your mistakes, so you can move from a sense of helplessness to a sense of empowerment.

Consider a Transitional Relationship

Forget rebounding. You shouldn’t get back in the game unless you feel ready to and you should also consider changing some of your dating habits as well. Often, our personal choices and seeming preferences are at the root of the problem.

Try something new and go for someone who’s not your habitual type. Also, make sure that you don’t go in with the intention of making it a long-term relationship. It would also be wise to check out a few online dating tips if you haven’t dated in a while.

Maybe you’ve always been attracted to someone from a certain socioeconomic background or education. Or maybe you always had a preference for athletes, artists or musicians, for instance. Turn your preferences upside down and you just might discover something new about yourself.


Bouncing back from divorce is possible, but it necessitates enough introspection, support,and self-awareness for it to be successful. These few pointers should be able to help you get back on your feet, provided you seek the assistance you need first.

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