3 Things to Know About Divorce Court

Divorce is a very common thing that still terrifies a lot of people. People aren’t divorcing for kicks; they do it because of things like infidelity, drug use, and just plain growing apart.. But it’s easy for one or both partners to stick around for longer than they should in hopes that it will get better if they just wait it out. That rarely works, and it can breed resentment and contempt that makes a nasty divorce more likely. Educating yourself about what divorce is really like can prepare you to call a lawyer and file those papers. Here are three important things to know about divorce and the legal system.

You (Usually) Need a Lawyer

There are a few divorces that don’t require a lawyer. If you and your spouse don’t have any kids, then that alone makes it more likely that you can get a divorce without hiring any attorneys. It also helps if neither of you have much in the way of assets. That’s because it’s hard to fight about something that doesn’t exist. If you and your spouse got married young and mutually realized that it wasn’t going to work out, then you should call your local county courthouse and ask about the procedures for filing for divorce without an attorney. In some cases, you can even file a form asking for divorce fees to be waived because you don’t have enough money to pay them.

However, the above scenario is pretty rare. Divorce has a way of bringing out a lot of pent-up ugliness, and if your estranged spouse gets a lawyer, that means you need one as well. The odds are stacked against you if you walk into a courtroom representing yourself while your ex has hired a professional attorney. Start searching for family law solicitors in Brisbane as soon as possible.

Child Custody Won’t Always Favor the Mother

A lot of people believe that a judge will automatically give more custody to the mother than the father. If you’ve ever had a male friend go through a divorce, you may have even heard him say, “Man, dads can’t win in family court.” Is that really true, though? At least one divorce expert says the numbers are skewed because, in her words, “Mothers gain custody because the vast majority of fathers choose to give them custody.” If mothers are the primary caregivers before the marriage dissolves, it makes some sense that they would remain in that position once the divorce is final.

If a father wants to fight for more custody, than he should hire a lawyer to help him make his case. That doesn’t mean he has to fight dirty; both sides should avoid slinging mud or calling each other names. But if there are legitimate concerns about one or both spouses’ ability to parent, then it would be irresponsible not to bring those concerns up in court. If a witness has observed bad behavior, then they can be called to give a deposition that will be recorded by a Miami court reporter. A court reporter isn’t biased towards one side or the other; they only want to make an accurate recording of what happens.

Divorce Can Make You Happier

When you’re in the middle of the legal process, it’s easy to think you’ll be sad and miserable forever. That’s not the case. Research shows that divorce tends to make people happier in the long run. The effect is there for both sexes, but women are happier after divorce than men, perhaps because they have more supportive friends to help them recover. Men may also be less happy because they no longer have a wife around to perform household chores for them.

Divorce does not have to make you a failure. It can be scary, but it can also be incredibly liberating. Talk to a counselor if you’re having trouble adjusting, but remember that the hearings and court appearances will end eventually. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a sense of relief once all the paperwork is signed and you’re single again.

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