10 Interesting Valentine Gifts Under $ 100

Valentine day has never been a day where the love for a beloved is measured with the gifts showered upon each other.  But again who doesn’t love to receive a gift and that to form the most loved person. Not everyone is equally blessed with the heavy pocket so all though many gifts are available in the market it may not be affordable. But it is the love, the thought that counts not the cost of the gift.

Here are a few suggestions which are easy to afford and also reflects your love and care

1. Soft Toys:

It is an ideal gift for the girls, no doubt how older a girl may grow but that soft fluffy toy will always be her weakness. So guys get her a one with the perfect message of yours or the bunnies with that heart-shaped  pads as their feet, or the soft teddy with a red heart  hanging out in its arms.

2. Chocolates:

Get Chocolates or some other sweet treats specially wrapped in special red paper (may be any color of your choice) for the special one. You can always go the heart shaped ones like the heart shaped lollipops, chocolate bars with the message “be mine” or maybe the special valentine themed sweets filled in a beautiful glass jar.

3. Dinner:

Plan a candlelight dinner in a place which is affordable to you. Be sure to book it in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. You can further decorate your table or the place to give the special feeling and always can add some music of your loved one’s choice in the background. Bet on it, one is really going to love it.

4. Mug:

You can get these mugs embellished with your special “I Love You” message or stuffed with a small but cute heart or toy.

5. Books:

If your loved one is interested in reading then nothing can beat the idea of gifting him/her a romantic novel on the occasion of this special day.

6. Flowers:

A bunch of fresh red rose can always do the magic for your loved ones. Whereas you can also go for the artificial Valentine’s Day Flowers as the real ones tend to die or wither after some time but the artificial won’t.

7. Jewellery:

Jewellery doesn’t mean the diamonds, you can go for studs, roses, belly button studs, bracelets, necklaces and there are many other wide collections to be chosen from.

8. Baking:

You can bake some special cookies for your loved ones. You can give them special shape and also add colors according to your choice. If you can’t bake them yourself then a bakery is always a good option.

9. Spa:

Create an at home-spa for your mate. Get all the required materials in advance like bubble bath, inexpensive scented candles, rose petals, scrub, facial mask, etc. and get them to deliver in a basket. And there give your partner to enjoy his/her time.

10. Framed photos:

Make a frame group of photos in a chronological order of events or incidents by months or years of your relationship.

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